About Boou

We opened our oven doors in 2015 with a hungry dog and an ambitious goal; to provide healthy and delicious treats to every picky, overweight, overactive, purebred, and rescue dog we can find. And we’re doing a pretty good job of it. Although our rescue Brandie has many nicknames, the most popular one is Boo. Our name is a twist on our inspiration, a name as unique as she is. 
We offer something a little different. Our treats are baked fresh to order in our kitchen, so we always have a soft and yummy treat that dogs can’t resist. All baking, packaging and general operations are overseen by our head treat connoisseur, Brandie -- a mushkadodle rescue from the HVGB SPCA. We DO NOT include any preservatives in our treats, natural or otherwise. That’s just not what we’re about. We use only the best ingredients in our treats, including local whenever possible. 

Celebrating 5 years in business! 🎈

Rebecca & Brandie